The program is designed to control the airbag sewing machine. It was developed exclusively for the need of the company ADIENT. The program is multi-lingual, multi-user with multi-level access rights. Sewing of airbags covers is controlled by so-called recipes, which are stored in the product database for each model. New recipes are created by users. The program monitors whether individual pieces are sewn according to given parameters, evaluates scrap and stores and archives all data about stitched pieces. The program features a bar code generation and printing function to mark finished products.

The program has these features
• Operation of sewing processes in the form of recipes
• Sewing machine operating
• Operation of barcode readers
• Operation of barcode printers
• Creating barcodes
• Managing users and access rights
• Records of sewn covers
• Records of faulty covers
• Advanced search for covers

Used technologies
• Microsoft .NET Framework
• MS SQL Server
• Replication
• Supports PCL communication with controlling sewing machine through TCP-IP or RS232
• Supports communication with the bar code printer using RS232 protocol (Intermec, Datamax)
• Communication with barcode readers RS232 protocol (up to 12 devices)