Vending machine – Assistant

The entire system is generally used to record goods delivered to vending machines and to retrieve revenue data from these machines via the BT interface and their subsequent processing at the headquarters of the vending company. The resulting data is then transferred via the bridge to the accounting program. Currently, the system cooperates with the DUEL Accounting Program.

The system consists of the following parts:
• Server section containing SQL database,
• PC – SW module “Management Console” – part for system management.
• PC – SW module “Head Office” – An overview terminal with functions for retrieving data from phone devices via Bluetooth.
• PC – SW module “Coin sorting machine” designed to check the financial amounts collected from the coin mechanism of the vending machines. Coin Sort machine is connected to PC via the serial interface.
• Mobile Application A-Assistant designed for CipherLab RS-30, mobile terminal equipped operating system Android.

Used technologies:
• Microsoft .NET
• Data managed by the SQL-92 SQL Server
• Microsoft XAMARIN

HW and SW system requirements:
PC applications are written in the latest version of Microsoft DOT.NET. They are designed for MS Windows XP operating systems and above without limitation. Applications haven´t any extraordinary HW requirements, a normal office PC is enough to run.
Mobile app – is written directly for the CipherLab RS-30 mobile terminal equipped Android 4.4.


Description of functionality of individual modules

Server part
Server service serves as bridge between database and client applications. It also includes functions for generating automatic reports (daily, weekly) and sending them. Synchronization of data with the DUEL accounting program is also performed here.

SW module “Management Console”
• Administration of users and access rights
• Administration of drivers – operators
• Administration of vending machines
• Vehicle management (warehouses)
• Administration of products
• Data selections and reports
• Settings of the program parameters

SW module “Head Office”
Overview terminal is showing on the display the current state of completed service routes. The application allows downloading data from mobile terminals via Bluetooth. It also contains an alert for the warehouse keeper.

SW module “Coin sorting machine”
This module works separately and it is used to download data from a coin sorter. The coin sorting machine operator then assigns the driver (operator) and the vending machine from which the coins are sorted and counted. The list of drivers and the list of machines are retrieved from the server. Nominal box coin settings are also downloaded from the server settings. The module also allows to manually imput a payment if it is enabled in the configuration (in case of a coin sorting machine failure).

Mobilní aplikace A-Asistent
The main task of application is the warehouse management for each service vehicle. Application records all deliveries of goods to each vending machine within each business trip. At the same time, it records all other movements of goods such as revenues and dispatches to other vehicles, transfers of goods with central stock, records of expired goods taken from vending machines. Another task of the application is to collect data from servicing vending machines.
– A service vehicle and a driver who serves the day-to-day car are identified by a built-in laser reader each day at commencement of a business trip. Similarly, individual vending machines on the route are identified. Cars, driver cards and all vending machines are marked with stickers with barcodes. With this reader, then the goods are dispatched to vending machines, the goods are taken back, the possibility of moving goods between cars and returning to the central warehouse.
Simultaneously with the stock, the application is performed for reading the data via the BT interface from coin mechanism of vending machines for checking the cash transferred to the headquarters. All data is also transmitted via GPRS at the headquarters at the time of origin.
Non-standard states or fail operations such as the issuance of more merchandise on the machine than the car driver in stock, etc., can be reported in real time to the head of the headquarters and addressed immediately when they originate.
After completing the business trip on arrival at the headquarters, the application will automatically download the data wirelessly through the enterprise access point, and the application will terminate the path and will only wait for a new driver and car to log in. Ending the route is also possible with Bluetooth connection to the SW module “Head Office”.